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Couples counseling. Whether you are in a new relationship, an old and successful partnership, or a troubled relationship, counseling can enhance the quality of your life.  I incorporate PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy) in my work with couples. PACT is a revolutionary, cutting edge approach that is based on neuroscience, interpersonal attachment, and principles of fair fighting.  Using the PACT framework, partners can build and maintain a trusting, secure relationship.

Individual Counseling. My work with individual clients centers on coping with stress, relieving anxiety, and healing from life upsets, both big and small.

I am trained and certified in EMDR, the most effective approach for treating trauma. I will help you affirm your strengths, find helpful tools and resources, and assist you in taking positive steps which build resilience.

My Commitment To You

To fully understand the issues you bring to counseling and to hold a warm, empathic space for each person~ To use best clinical practices to guide our work~ To provide a PACT roadmap so that couples can create a more secure, loving and trusting relationship~ To respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality.

Couples often ask, “Are we really that far apart?” I reply: “We’ll find a bridge.”


Dr. Stan Tatkin, Founder of PACT, says that any major life change (getting married, having kids, moving, partner illness, caring for aging parents) will put stress on a romantic relationship. “The longer you’ve been in a secure-functioning relationship with your partner, the more stress you’ll be able to manage as a team.” Couples often seek counseling:


  • When their communication breaks down, and they spend more time arguing than taking pleasure in their relationship.

  • When one or both partners is drifting apart, and emotional closeness and physical intimacy is lacking.

  • When people, events or actions outside the relationship compete with the partners’ ability to put each other first.   Common “thirds” include: affairs and betrayals, work, in-laws or exes, relationships with kids in a current marriage or from a previous marriage, extracurricular activities, and substance use or abuse.

“Beth is an absolutely amazing therapist and colleague. She is extremely knowledgeable, wise, gentle while strong, and strong while gentle. I don’t ever hesitate to refer clients to her. She’s an ace!!”
Julie Rappaport
Licensed Professional Counselor
PACT Certified Therapist and Faculty Member
Boulder, Colorado

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