Consultation for  Counselors

Individual and Group Consultation for Therapists Who Value a Counseling Mentor

Expert Assistance Is Available to You

Lighten your load

Being a helping professional is demanding and stressful. Therapists often wish they had that “curbside” expert to turn to when couples present complex problems and need creative solutions. 

My 25 years’ experience as a Licensed Psychologist, PACT Certified Couple Therapist, and PACT faculty member  qualifies me to assist you with your practice challenges. You can consult with me individually or join one of my Fort Collins consultation groups in-person and online.

Private practice doesn’t mean you have to work alone

I can help answer your clinical questions and co-create a treatment approach that works for you and your couples. Consultation will make you a better therapist as you:

  • Learn new ways to conceptualize your couples and what they bring to therapy

  • Add to your toolbox of strategies and resources

  • Deepen your understanding of your counseling style, the strengths you bring, and the skills you want to expand

Providing efficacious couples therapy is a big deal. Dr. Beth O’Brien is a FANTASTIC mentor, helping me conceptualize issues and develop strategies to help couples resolve challenging concerns. She is warm, supportive, practical, experienced, and highly skilled. Beth’s talent in taking complex problems, synthesizing, and helping me create a treatment plan has helped me immensely in my couple sessions.  She has been pivotal in my growth as a couples therapist!

Nicole McGuffin, PsyD

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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