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I bet you could use a little TLC. Whether you want to escape stress, enhance your partner relationship, or rediscover yourself, one of these activities is sure to meet your needs.

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As a certified Hatha yoga instructor for over 20 years, I have assisted students on their physical, emotional and spiritual journey. I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Gentle/Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, and beginning and intermediate Hatha Yoga. I approach each class with knowledge, experience,  and a sense of playfulness.

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Informative workshops on meditation, solstice practices, chakra balancing, finding your emotional balance through yoga, creating a home-based yoga practice, and incorporating yoga to promote sleep are frequent offerings.

Experience Retreats

Have you had a stressful year? Do you long to touch base with who you are and discover what matters? My wellness retreats incorporate yoga to calm the mind, writing practice for self-discovery, and exploratory exercises, all designed to contribute to a renewed sense of purpose. My relationship tune- up retreats are for couples who want to recapture the sense of collaboration, shared principles, easy communication and teamwork that comes with partners who are free to be themselves and support the relationship within a loving space.

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Please check back to view wellness activities that will help relax, recharge and realign your life.

Spring, 2024: Co-Instructor, PACT Level 1 Training

June 7, 2024: Consultation for PACT therapists

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Beth’s innate professionalism and genuine compassion are far, far above average. She brings years of experience and dedication to the yoga classes she teaches. Her knowledge of the practice, her skills in pacing and suggesting variations and her attentiveness are perfectly attuned to a loving, caring presence and the spirit of yoga.”

Jane Houck, certified Yoga Instructor

Fort Collins, Colorado

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