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Licensed Psychologist in Colorado
PACT Certified Couple  Therapist and PACT Faculty Member

Trauma Expert

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Do you want to live a happier, healthier, well-balanced life? If you have a partner, are you wanting to take steps that lead to a more secure, nurturing relationship? In my private practice, I counsel adults to facilitate couple and individual wellness. My work with couples is attachment based, helping couples build trust and deepen their connection. If you see me individually, I will help you develop your strengths and find tools to cope with challenging issues. My counseling style is active and warm, based on best clinical practices. With over 25 years of clinical experience, I am a seasoned therapist.

In addition to being a Certified PACT Therapist, I am also a qualified trauma counselor. Upsetting events from the past can create emotional scars, and a partner may unknowingly trigger reactions which are difficult for couples to manage. You will have an opportunity to learn new skills which will shift your relationship into a safer, healing place. As a yoga teacher, I often integrate mindfulness-based approaches which reduce anxiety and stress and assist in managing high emotions between partners. In my free time, I like to mountain bike, hike, and cross- country ski with my fantastic family and energetic mini-Aussie.

Three Ways To Create tender moments with your partner

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Preparing for

We often come into adulthood knowing little about how to build a lasting relationship. I will help you learn the nuts and bolts of creating a secure, happy union, so that you feel confident as you begin your life together.


Couples coping with the demands of jobs, kids, and home often take their stress out on each other. In PACT couple therapy, you’ll create a safe space in which you and your partner can talk about anything.

Renewing a Long-
Term Relationship

Couples who have been together over many years often grow apart. I can help you find your relationship glue and rekindle the love that brought you together.

Past Trauma

Upsetting experiences often create scars alongside feelings of worry or sadness. Working through trauma using EMDR therapy can free you up to live a full, abundant life.

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Relationship Now

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Couples experiencing lows in their relationship don’t have to assume this is the status quo. You can improve your connection by taking 3 constructive steps including appreciation, communication, and acceptance. Download the full article to learn more about improving your relationship.